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Translation Services

Translation is much more than substituting one word with another. Besides thorough familiarity with the source language it requires excellent command of the target language, but also creativity, audacity and sensitivity for cultural differences.

My background in Modern Greek studies and alternate residence in Greece and the Netherlands provide me with the necessary knowledge of the cultural context of both countries as well as an extensive network of native speakers in both languages. My background in Translation studies has further pointed me to the potential pitfalls of translation, such as unnecessary explicitation and loss of lexical diversity. At the end of the day, a translation should be a text in its own right that fulfils its purpose marvellously, whether that is to inform, persuade, inspire or entertain.

I translate a myriad of text types from Greek and English into Dutch. In collaboration with an experienced editor I also provide translations from Greek or Dutch into English, upon request. The rate of my translation services depends on the language pair and the type of text you have in mind. Please contact me via email or phone to inquire after the possibilities and to decide if my services suit your specific wishes.